Industrial Cigar Co.

Our Culture


OUR Culture

Culture. It is in all of us, regardless of background, race, occupation, or upbringing - no one is void of culture. The cigar is the great equalizer, where no matter the differences in each individual; when a cigar is being shared in a welcoming environment, the culture of cigars can be fully realized.


toast the foot

It's all about starting off on the right foot. If you prefer us to light your cigar while at ICC, we will be sure to 'toast the foot.' The purpose of toasting is to set fire to not only the filler, but binder and wrapper as well. Without toasting, you’re likely to only ignite the filler and immediately start an uneven burn; in this case, tunneling. An even, lasting smoke will surely ensue.


buy here / smoke here

We are very receptive to the idea that some smokers find themselves purchasing from online retailers for highly discounted rate, we find the opportunity to offer a product selection and quality controlled inventory that cannot be found online. We are proud to offer a beautiful location to our patrons, and ask they help us keep the lights on by purchasing cigars from us.



Our lounge is a BYOB location, meaning you are welcome to bring your own bottle. We only ask two things: one is a BYOB code of conduct upon your first entry. The second is you know your limits and those accompanying you. Disrespectful and belligerent behavior will not be tolerated and you will promptly be asked to leave if you show signs of over-intoxication. 


Respect the roller / let it die

Having been to the tobacco fields and factories ourselves, and witness the poverty that strickens the areas where most cigar brands produce cigars, it rings true that we must always respect the roller. Please do us all a favor and do not smash out your cigar once you are complete. Simply leave it to burn itself out in a sign of respect to the artisan who crafted the cigar.