Industrial Cigar Co.




We’ve approached every detail with the care an artist would give to his or her masterpiece. Our air purification units are the same installed in nuclear submarines for maximum air purity. The lounge is open late 365 days per year and open until 11pm or later every day. Our location is equipped with super fast wifi and comfortable seating to offer the mobile-worker an office away from the office. As proud patrons of creativity, we feature original retail fixture works made by American artists throughout the lounge. Below are some of our favorite amenities we’ve curated to give you an intimate and luxurious experience.

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clean air facility

Outfitted with the same air purification system that is utilized in nuclear submarines, the ICC air purification system actively scrubs 100% of the air once every 6 minutes. This results in our guests being comfortable for longer, and sharing the space with others that may not be keen to cigar smoke.


product selection

Housing over 14,000 cigars in the humidor at any time and boasting a solid mix of boutique and larger brands offer variety to our guests. Exclusive lines from the industry leading companies and fine & rare cigars can be found behind our 1920's bank vault door leading you into a separate humidor for an upper echelon of cigars.

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family tradition

Our business is held together and illustrated by the hexagon, which is inspired by the six members of our family. Everything in our brand in built to marry mid-century modern design movement with an element of home. A unique story that can only be told while sharing a cigar with one of the owners, we strive to recreate the atmosphere that brought our family closer as a unit. That's why you're more than likely to hear the words "Welcome to the Family" during your visit.


Timeless design

From the custom steel fixtures to the 1920’s factory windows, to the refurbished 1920’s bank vault door into the humidor housing fine and rare cigars; The overwhelming majority of this shop was hand built by artists and craftsman to ensure what you will see in the lounge, does not exist anywhere else.